First fully automated In-Car mobile system with 360 degrees ANPR and video recording for better traffic offence detection. Rugged industrial installation, UNIX based software solution for robust and reliable result.


Innovational technology for  speed enforcement. We have created in-car solution combines high quality video surveillance of 360 degrees with one of the fastest ANPR algorithms from live video stream gives police officer set of fully automated tools for better traffic offence detection, ANPR to check technical inspection, insurance, stolen or wanted cars. In-car ANPR can analyse data from up to 5 cameras in real time providing instant result of detected vehicle allowing police officer to make faster decisions of action. Easy to use and ergonomic tablet is being used for operating the EUNOMIA TRAFFIC interface therefore system installation on car is smooth and doesn’t require drilling holes and do wiring works on dash. Professional industrial based PC  is used for system backend in car which ensures robust and reliable technical solution to run EUNOMIA TRAFFIC without any interruptions or faults.  



EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is a complete in-car system for traffic monitoring. It is is a cutting edge technology for fully automated vehicle offence detection, adaptable for institutional demands – police, parking, tolling, border and others.

A UNIX based system, seamlessly compatible with various types of cameras, speed detectors, light bars and other complementary items. EUNOMIA TRAFFIC operates in 360-degrees with integrated automatic ANPR, CCTV speed detection and data processing capabilities.


We stand for safety and quality, experience and sustainability.

These are the things that are important to us, and that is why we offer a complex and unified solution which is modern and in line with today's fast-paced world.


Help create a safer world through revolutionizing the technology.


We take pride in our product - EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is a cutting-edge technology that exceeds our clients' expectations. 

We are committed to create a high-quality and innovative product, as well as to provide a qualitative service.


EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is customizable enforcement solution with few default basic functionalities.

360° Video Surveillance

One-Touch recording from all perimeter cameras for faster and more ergonomic video detection. 

Video Events Marking

Quick and easy video marking for evidence or after-processing.


UNIX based platform and industrial PC for better performance and reliability.

360 degrees ANPR

Super fast ANPR check with 360 degrees detection. Only reliable readings.                                     

Easy Offence Review

Quick playback of detected events with categorization marks.

Universal Data Interface

Universal data socket to connect the system to different data bases and registries.

Speed Enforcement

Integration with Smartmicro radar is the best combination for speeding detection. 


Quick and Easy Installation

EUNOMIA is robust and easy to set up system. No drilling for installation is required.


EUNOMIA TRAFFIC has been verified and its type has been approved by the authorities of EU.





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