First fully automated In-Car mobile system with 360 degrees ANPR and video recording for better traffic offence detection. Rugged industrial installation, UNIX based software solution for robust and reliable result


EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is an innovative technology for speed enforcement. We have developed an in-car solution that combines front and rear speed sensors, high-quality 360-degree video surveillance, and one of the fastest ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) algorithms. This live video stream equips police officers with fully automated tools for enhanced traffic offense detection, ANPR checks for technical inspections, insurance validation, and identification of stolen or wanted vehicles.

Our in-car ANPR can analyze data from up to 5 cameras in real-time, providing instant results of detected vehicles, allowing police officers to make faster decisions and take appropriate actions.

The system is easy to use, featuring an ergonomic tablet for operating the EUNOMIA TRAFFIC interface. Its smooth installation on cars eliminates the need for drilling holes or extensive wiring on the dashboard.

Furthermore, EUNOMIA TRAFFIC utilizes a professional industrial-based PC for system backend, ensuring a robust and reliable technical solution with uninterrupted performance.


EUNOMIA TRAFFIC is a complete in-car system for traffic monitoring. It is a cutting edge technology for fully automated vehicle offence detection, adaptable for institutional demands – police, parking, tolling, border and others.

A UNIX based system, seamlessly compatible with various types of cameras, speed detectors, light bars and other complementary items. EUNOMIA TRAFFIC operates in 360-degrees with integrated automatic ANPR, CCTV speed detection and data processing capabilities.


We stand for the principles of safety and quality, while placing immense value on experience and sustainability. These pillars form the foundation of our commitment to delivering a sophisticated and integrated solution that embodies modernity and seamlessly aligns with the rapid pace of the contemporary world.


Our vision is to leverage revolutionary technology in alignment with the Vision Zero strategy to create a safer world, where no accidents, injuries, or fatalities occur on on every road across the globe. Through innovative solutions and transformative technologies, we aim to eliminate road incidents, ensuring that every journey is safe and secure for al.


We take great pride in our flagship product, EUNOMIA TRAFFIC®, an advanced technology that consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. Our unwavering commitment lies in creating a product of unparalleled quality and innovation, while also delivering a service that is characterized by its utmost excellence and distinction.