Eunomia Traffic AG is excited to announce the expansion of its testing projects in several regions. Our advanced Eunomia SM21 system is undergoing rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and adaptability to various traffic conditions and enforcement needs.

  • Singapore:
    In Singapore, the Eunomia SM21 system is tested by the Singapore Police Force. This project aims to evaluate the system’s effectiveness in urban environments, focusing on its ability to detect and record traffic violations seamlessly. The system’s advanced features, such as 360-degree video surveillance and real-time data transmission, are expected to significantly enhance road safety and traffic management.
  • Botswana:
    Eunomia Traffic AG has completed a test project in Botswana to explore the system’s capabilities in diverse traffic scenarios and environmental conditions. The goal is to improve traffic enforcement and reduce road accidents. The comprehensive data collected during the test phase provided valuable insights for future implementations of the system.
  • Estonia:
    In Estonia, local authorities are testing the Eunomia SM21 system to assess its integration with existing traffic management infrastructure. This project aims to determine the potential for broader deployment across the country, contributing to improved traffic law enforcement and road safety.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    The Bosnian police has purchased the Eunomia SM21 system. The focus is on enhancing automated enforcement of speed limits and other traffic regulations.
  • Luxembourg:
    Luxembourg has also joined the list of countries testing the Eunomia SM21 system. Local traffic authorities are focused on the system’s ability to provide comprehensive surveillance and enforcement solutions. The goal is to demonstrate the benefits of integrating advanced technology into the nation’s traffic management strategy.

Eunomia Traffic AG is dedicated to advancing road safety through innovative technology. These test projects represent significant steps toward achieving our vision of safer, smarter roadways worldwide.